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Enjoy today! Tomorrow may never come!Blessings,Ingeborg

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Orange in the house

Good morning, afternoon, evening! Again, for a change, sigh......., time flew by so fast this week. It feels as if I can hardly breath! I can't remember what i've done this week. The world is spinning in my belief! Anyway, it was about time I would add some more color here on my wordpress. I… Continue reading Orange in the house

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A bit of angelic

Good day to you! I hope you are doing well today. Spring is definitely in the air now here in the Netherlands. The weather forecasts are better, although today it's still very chilly.All kinds of 'green stuff' is finding it's way through the garden soil again. My sweet peas are in my window seal screaming… Continue reading A bit of angelic


Marie-Antoinette my muse

Good morning!I want to show a bit Marie-Antoinette art of mine today. Marie-Antoinette is my muse. I think I inherited the love for 'everything Marie' from my mother. She adored her style as well and the French style was very visual in our home. I don't know a whole lot about Marie. I did see… Continue reading Marie-Antoinette my muse

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Friday on Fire

Good Friday! It's going to be some special day. A day on fire. All the numbers are magestic. I have something with numbers. They always talk to me! This is why:Today it's 15 - 3 - 2019 2019 = 2 + 1 + 9 = 12 12= 1 + 2 = 3 15 (day of… Continue reading Friday on Fire


Birds in a tin

Good day to you! I thought it was a great day and time to show off one of my handmade tart tins. I now and then love to create one of such ornaments. I make these with using the tins our grandmothers used to bake sand cookies in, so to speak. This one is an… Continue reading Birds in a tin